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Retirement Income Planning

Solutions Designed Specifically to Meet Your Needs

For most investors today, “retirement” doesn’t mean the same thing it did for their parents’ generation. Very few people actually view it as an end to the working phase of their lives. Rather, most see it as a transition to a new balance and lifestyle.

While the other side of that transition looks different for everyone, living the way you want after retirement requires thoughtful planning, careful design and – now more than ever – ongoing management to keep your plans on track.

Baird can provide objective, holistic guidance to help ensure the lifestyle you want in retirement, with a focus on converting your existing savings into the reliable income you’ll need to maintain it.

Our Process

  • Consolidate all investable retirement assets with Baird to provide an all-in view of your financial picture.
  • Help you identify potential risks, such as poor investment performance, inflation, health care expenses and the possibility of outliving your assets.
  • Help maximize the benefit you get from Social Security, employer-provided benefit plans and other income sources.
  • Help you better understand the rules governing when and how you can access funds in your different accounts, including the distribution requirements unique to each.
  • Custom-build a distribution strategy designed to accomplish all of your short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals. Whether this involves systematic withdrawals, bond ladders, annuities or a combination of different products and strategies, risk management and tax-efficiency will be key.
  • Will continue to actively manage your plan, making adjustments – when necessitated by changes in your situation or the environment – to ensure things remain on track.

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